BTS Jungkook’s “#jungkook” got 130 billion views, the world’s highest, on TikTok… “King of TikTok”

BTS Jungkook broke his own new record on TikTok again, proving his “King of TikTok” title. 

Jungkook set another milestone by re-breaking the world’s highest personal view count on the global short video platform TikTok.

Jungkook recently received more than 130 billion views on TikTok with his personal character hashtag #jungkook.

Jungkook surpassed 130 billion won on TikTok with the hashtag #jungkook, proving his reputation as one of the strongest global superstars.

Jungkook’s “#jungkook” was the first and only TikTok character hashtag ever to break 130 billion views, ranking first in personal views, boasting his extraordinary popularity and overwhelming influence.

Previously, the hashtag “#jungkook” was the first one to achieve 16 billion views in TikTok’s history in August 2020, setting a new record of No. 1 in views and firmly maintaining its throne for 23 months.

As of July 9, the hashtag #jk related to Jungkook has reached 44.4 billion views,  #jeonjungkook had 16.9 billion views, the #jungkookie had 3 billion views, and the #btsjungkook had 2.6 billion views.

The combined number of views from Jungkook’s five hashtags alone amounts to a total of 197.6 billion views.

Meanwhile, the hashtag of Jungkook’s self-composed track “Still With You,” which is used as a BGM on TikTok and is receiving great attention for various videos such as covers and reactions, is also enjoying a high popularity.

Jungkook’s self-composed hashtag “#stillwithyou” has more than 593.2 million views, and #stillwithyoujungkook” has 55.2 million views.

Source: starnews

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