BTS Jin made an hilarious birthday wish to Jungkook, who just turns 26

Jungkook, whose birthday is on September 1, receive birthday wishes from BTS members and fans all over the world 

On September 1st, BTS’ oldest member, Jin, posted on the fan community Weverse a hilarious message: “Hey, happy birthday Jungkook. Call me if you want to hear more details.”

Seeing this, many fans bursted into laughter at Jin’s “cool” image and humorous birthday celebration.

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In addition, BTS member J-Hope also posted a photo of Jungkook through BTS’ official Twitter with a birthday day caption.

On the other hand, to commemorate the birthday of BTS Jungkook, various celebration methods from fans around the world also drew attention.

Jungkook’s Hungarian fan group “Jungkook Hungary” announced that they would run birthday advertisements on two LED screens in Budapest shopping malls from August 29th to September 4th.

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The birthday advertisement boasted their sincerity, with the phrase “Happy Birthday Jungkook-ah” written in 3 languages, including Hungarian, Korean, and English, along with a wonderful picture of Jungkook.

In addition, “Jeon Jungkook Mexico”, Jungkook’s Mexican fanbase, also announced that they would post a Billboard birthday advertisement at Miguel Hidalgo.

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In Nanjing (China), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), and Danang (Vietnam), fans are also sending out advertisements for Jungkook’s birthday.

Various domestic fan communities are also running subway advertisements to commemorate the special dates. Also, among fans, “birthday cafes”, where fans rent a cafe to commemorate the idol’s birthday and to congratulate them with the fandom, is popular.

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It seems that ARMYs (fandom of BTS) worldwide have all united and enjoying the festive atmosphere of Jungkook’s birthday to the fullest.

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