BTS Jimin’s amazing popularity… “Queen of Grammys” Lizzo’s “Hey Jimin” vs. “Papa Mochi” James Corden’s “Hi Jimin”

The unwavering love bomb of “Queen of Grammys” Lizzo and “Papa Mochi” James Corden towards BTS Jimin is making fans excited.

Lizzo appeared on CBS‘ popular talk show “The Late Late Show with James Corden” (hereinafter referred to as “James Corden Show“) on March 22nd (KST) and hosted the “1980s V Today Dance Bop Riff-Off” section with “Papa MochiJames Corden.

BTS Jimin

Lizzo, who performed BTS‘ “Butter“, which topped the Billboard Hot 100 ten times, greeted Jimin by shouting “Hey Jimin!” even before the song was over, showing her special affection.

In response, “Papa MochiJames Corden, who has a long-standing friendship with “Baby MochiJimin, made everyone laugh by leaving the witty comment “It’s the ‘Hi Jimin’ for me” on his official YouTube video. During the “Jingle Ball” stage of iHeartRadio, the largest year-end music festival in the United States, held in December 2019, Lizzo showed her extraordinary affection, saying, “Think of me as if I were Jimin.” Since then, she has consistently expressed her love for Jimin.

BTS Jimin

On an Instagram live broadcast last year, Lizzo expressed her bold affection towards Jimin and received enthusiastic responses from fans as she shared, “I love Jimin. He seems fun, powerful and nice. You know I like Jimin the most. I love Jimin.”

Lizzo, who has expressed her love many times, met Jimin at Harry Styles‘ LA concert when BTS visited the United States last year to attend the 2021 American Music Awards, and fans around the world went wild.

At that time, Lizzo, who recognized Jimin, put her hands together with a shy smile and greeted Jimin, “Nice to meet you, I love you”, drawing keen attention on SNS.

In an interview later, Jimin revealed, “When I met Lizzo, she kept saying ‘sexy guy’ to me.” When asked “Did you talk about music work with Lizzo?”, Jimin replied, “At that time, we were so busy that we went our separate ways after saying ‘Good to see you’.” To the question “Can we look forward to a collaboration?”, he smilingly nodded his head. Lizzo could not hide her affection for him by citing Jimin’s interview video as well as sending a storm of hearts.


As Lizzo‘s special affection towards Jimin continues for years, expectations for the two stars’ meeting are rising, and voices for collaboration requests are also getting louder.

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