BTS Jimin on “Jimmy Fallon Show”…”I hope many people can relate to my first solo album ‘FACE'”

On March 23rd (local time), Jimin appeared on “Jimmy Fallon Show” for the first time as a solo artist and had an interview with host Jimmy Fallon. After Jimmy Fallon introduced “Global pop music icon BTS Jimin’s first solo debut album ‘FACE’ was released“, Jimin appeared amid cheers from the audience.

Jimin-Jimmy Fallon Show

Regarding BTS’ five nominations at the GRAMMY AWARDS, Jimin said, “We were able to get nominated thanks to the fans who supported us. We’re always grateful to all of our fans.” He then confessed, “Since I became interested in dancing in middle school, standing on stage has always been my dream and goal.” He also made the scene pleasant by wittily answering “Jimin Fallon” when asked about his favorite nickname.

Jimin-Jimmy Fallon Show

Regarding his first solo album “FACE”, Jimin said, “The album looks back on the emotions I felt chronologically throughout the pandemic. So, I would be happy if many people could relate to it.

Meanwhile, Jimin will unveil the stage of the title song “Like Crazy” for the first time on “Jimmy Fallon Show” on March 24th.

Source: Nate

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