Apink Jung Eun Ji clarified herself after “Jung Eun Ji Incident” trended on Twitter 

Jung Eun Ji, a member of Apink, clarified the “Jung Eun Ji Incident” real-time trend on Twitter, which has gained huge attention. 

On March 23rd, Jung Eun Ji posted a screenshot of the SNS platform Twitter, which shows “Jung Eun Ji Incident” as a real-time trending issue. 

jung eun ji

The female idol also added a humorous caption, saying, “Still?” and “I’m working hard and living well while preparing for the April 5th comeback.”

Previously, on March 22nd, Jung Eun Ji released a cover video of singer Younha’s “Event Horizon” on her YouTube channel. The video showcasing Jung Eun Ji’s explosive singing skills caught the attention of netizens, and the keyword “Jung Eun Ji Event Horizon” (정은지 사건의 지평선) gained fraction on Twitter.

jung eun ji

However, instead of “Jung Eun Ji Event Horizon” trending as a whole, only the short form of the phrase, which translates to “Jung Eun Ji Incident” (정은지 사건), was displayed. As a result, many people were confused, thinking that Jung Eun Ji had gotten involved in something serious. They only expressed relief after realizing the true circumstances. 

Below are some comments from netizens:

  • I was taken aback to see the real-time, I really thought something serious happened
  • After I realized it is only an abbreviation for “Event Horizon”, I was relieved. 
  • The trend freaked me out, but now I find it funny 

Meanwhile, Apink, which Jung Eun Ji is a member of, will release their 10th mini-album “SELF” on April 5th at 6 PM (KST). Celebrating their 12th anniversary this year, the members plan to convey a hopeful message through the title track “D N D” (Do Not Disturb), meaning “imagine your own world without anyone’s interference.”

Source: wikitree

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