“Breaking Bad” Korean version? Netizens showed varied reactions to the news 

Mixed reactions were expressed at the news of the Korean remake of “Breaking Bad”.  

On February 14th, The daily newspaper “Hankyoreh” reported words from a company insider that “Breaking Bad” was having its Korean remake. According to the information, Lee Chang Yeol is in charge of directing the Korean version of “Breaking Bad” season 1 and the series is planned to run until season 4. In addition, it is currently in the final stage of casting coordination. The platform for broadcasting has not been decided. 

Breaking Bad

“Breaking Bad” tells the story of a high school chemistry teacher, Walter White (Bryan Cranston) who was diagnosed with cancer and decided to join the meth-making business to pay his medical bills. The American crime drama series concluded after 5 seasons and won 16 of the most prestigious Emmy Awards in the broadcasting industry. 

Breaking Bad

When the news of the Korean remake of “Breaking Bad” came out, Internet users were taken aback and responded in many ways: “It sounds fun,” “Isn’t it a little out of sync with our country?” and “I just hope it’s remade well.” 

a song for my dear

Meanwhile, director Lee Chang Yeol made his debut with the 2013 “The Man Who Plays the Piano.” He drew attention by winning 51 gold medals at various international film festivals around the world with the movie “A Song for My Dear,” which will be released in March.

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