“Twenty-five, Twenty-one” actress Bona shared, “I once lost my luxury wallet but got the things inside back except for the wallet…”

Actress Bona (Kim Ji-yeon), who is also the center of girl group WJSN, told the story of losing her wallet but was returned with all the things inside kept as they were.

In an interview with fashion magazine Esquire on March 24th, Bona confessed, “I lost the wallet that I bought with my own money for the first time”.


When asked, “What was the first thing you bought with your card?”, Bona said, “There is a sad story about it. I bought a luxury wallet wishing to earn lots of money for a long time, but I lost it”, adding, “What’s funny about it is that I got the things back, except for the wallet”.

Bona even sent a video letter to the person who took her wallet. She said, “Are you using my wallet well?  Because you returned things inside that wallet to me, I didn’t have to reissue anything. I’m half grateful for that, and I hope you continue to use the wallet beautifully.”


Bona debuted in February 2016 with WJSN‘s first mini-album “WOULD YOU LIKE?” The following year, she appeared as a supporting role in the drama “Hit The Top” and started working as an actress in parallel with her singing career.

Recently, she made her face known by playing the role of Go Yu-rim in the popular drama “Twenty-five, Twenty-one.”


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