A Korean-American actor of “Pachinko” got into controversy over hidden camera and sexual harassment of Korean grandmothers 

Actor Jin Ha, who starred in Apple’s original drama “Pachinko,” illegally took photos of Korean grandmothers and posted them on his personal website, sparking controversy.

On Mar 25th, on an anonymous community, a netizen wrote a post titled “A Korean-American actor of ‘Pachinko’ took pictures of Korean grandmothers secretly.”

The netizen who wrote the article claimed, “Korean-American actor Jin Ha in Pachinko posted photos of Korean grandmothers which he took without permission on his portfolio,” adding, “He posted those illegal photos along with his comments for two years from 2010 to 2011, and the photos had stayed public for more than 10 years so far as of 2022.”

This account also said, “You can see that he posted photos of grandmothers which he took illegally at places like the subway, etc. He commented on each picture, and while there was none in the above, but those photos also include sexual harassment against the victim  grandmother.”


In fact, if you access the website address Jin Ha put on his SNS bio, you can check out the photos he took and posted himself from July 2010 to September 2011. Photos of dozens of Korean grandmothers are posted on this site without mosaic.

Jin Ha collected those illegally taken photos of grandmothers dressed in flower pattern clothing and introduced, “Old women in Korea really like wearing flower patterns,” adding, “I decided to showcase the photo series ‘Flowers In Bloom’ to show Korea’s fascinating fashion trend.”

Besides, he wrote down comments that sexualized and sexually harassed grandmothers on those photos such as “She’s a model with sexy charms”, “This model is doing a great job with her sexy looks”, “It was hard to control my lust while working with such a provocative model”, “I’m imagining connecting dots all over her body”…

In addition, he makes viewers frown with his rude words towards certain grandmothers such as calling them “Kim Jong-il’s younger sister” and “They look like ducks.”


The author of the community post said, “Illegal filming is also a problem, and it is very unpleasant to see him writing down what he felt as if he was evaluating those senior citizens as objects. I’m writing this in the hopes that it will become a public debate as well as the actor will apologize to the victims and take down his posts.”

A Korean-American actor of "Pachinko" got into controversy over hidden camera and sexual harassment of Korean grandmothers 

Korean-American actor Jin Ha appeared as the grandson of Sun-ja (played by actress Youn Yuh-jung) in Apple’s drama series “Pachinko” released today (March 25th). Unlike the interview “I was happy to play the history of my family and my country as a Korean-American”, his contradictory actions that did not respect Korean women are likely to cause controversy.

Meanwhile, starring Youn Yuh-jung, Lee Min-ho, Kim Min-ha and Jin Ha,Pachinko” is a story that begins with forbidden love and depicts an unforgettable chronicle of war, peace, love, separation, victory and judgment between Korea, Japan and the United States.

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