BOL4 to make a comeback after a year of hiatus

Female singer BOL4 is confirmed to come back after a 1-year hiatus.

On the afternoon of October 12th, BOL4 revealed a teaser image with several numbers listed on the calendar through her official SNS. The highlighted number in the image points to ‘October 26, 2021’, which implies the official release date of her upcoming album.

bol4 13102021 1

‘Butterfly Effect’, which is the new album’s title, raises fans’ curiosity with the meaning that small changes like a butterfly’s wing stroke can lead to big changes like a rainstorm.

bol4 13102021 2 scaled

Starting out as a duo, BOL4, also known as Ahn Ji-young, is now a solo artist, after the departure of member Woo Ji-yoon. BOL4 is scheduled to appear at ‘Youth Festival 2021’ on October 31st.

Source: Insight

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