BoA Becomes Fu Bao’s Dream Manager, Fulfilling Her Wish as a True Fan

BoA, who has openly expressed her affection for Fu Bao, takes on the role of a daily manager herself.

On July 25th, BoA revealed several pictures on her Instagram with the caption “I am a successful fan.”

In the released photos, BoA can be seen wearing a keeper’s outfit at Everland in Yongin. She is shown happily engaging in the photoshoot, carrying the bamboo that Fu Bao will eat, alongside keeper Kang Cheol Won.


BoA expressed her excitement, “Thank you, Fu Bao, for eating the flower bouquet I made for you and the bamboo. Thank you so much, Kang Bao, for the installment payment too.”

Recently, Everland in Yongin drew netizens’ attention by announcing the recruitment of part-time daily managers for Fu Bao. Despite only having three positions available, a staggering 13,620 people applied, setting a record competition ratio of 4,540 to 1.


BoA, who found out about the part-time job as a daily manager a little too late, expressed regret on her story on July 11th. She said, “It’s already over? I could have been a diligent manager. I could even wander around if it’s in front of Fu Bao. I could sing all the songs you want to hear. I found out about the job opening too late as I was too busy.”

Fu Bao, born in 2020, is the first panda born in South Korea through natural breeding.

‘Fu Bao (福寶),’ which means ‘a treasure that brings happiness,’ was a premature baby with a birth weight of 197g and a body length of 16.7cm. However, it has grown well and now weighs over 90kg.

Now, Fu Bao, who has reached adulthood, is scheduled to move to China before July 2024.

Currently, Everland Panda World, where Fu Bao resides, is the only place in South Korea where pandas can be seen. Alongside Lao Bao, Ai Bao, there are recently born twin pandas of Fu Bao living in this space.

Source: wikitree.

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