“172cm tall” actress Han Hyo-joo flaunts her superior body figure in a two-piece suit and heels

Han Hyo-joo released photos of her daily life.

Actress Han Hyo-joo posted several photos on her Instagram Story on the afternoon of August 16th.

The released pictures show Han Hyo-joo visiting a store of the brand she is modeling for as a muse. The actress wore a neat two-piece suit and kill heels, drawing admiration for her mannequin-like body figure.

Meanwhile, Han Hyo-joo selected Netflix’s film “Believer 2” as her next work. “Believer 2” is a crime-action movie that tells about the breathtaking wars between Wonho, who is still chasing after the drug cartel run by Lee after the bloody fight at Yongsan Station, and Rak, who has disappeared, as well as Brian, who appears in front of them again, and the new character Keunkal. 

Source: naver

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