SM continues to exploit a new idol generation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Will SM’s new path be able to make changes to Korea’s entertainment industry?

It can’t be denied that SM has had an enormous contribution to the entertainment industry and led to kick off the K-Pop phenomenon in Korea. SM Entertainment is the first agency that set up an idol group system in Korea with their artists as hottest names in the industry like H.O.TTVXQ, Super Junior and EXO.

In recent years, with Bighit as prime example of small companies’ success, and JYP’s rising in financial markets have contributed to the shaking up of SM’s position that was once unchallenged. This forces SM to bring out new strategies in the fourth industrial revolution in the idol market.

The sign of this change is none other than NCT. Their unique style and formation are considered the first step for “franchise” idols. However, the two-year-old group’s popularity is said to have not meet SM’s expectation and is even considered to be not as significant as their seniors.

Changing is necessary, but it could be too risky and if SM is not careful enough, the company might lose its number one spot. If SM can really succeed in creating a 4.0 KPOP era, we might be able to witness NCT 127 and NCT Brazil competing for the first place on Billboard.

Even though there are yet many doubts behind the creations of the new idol method, SM seems to be very confident of their moves. Hopeful their plan will be a success, helping the Korean music industry take a step further on the way to conquer the world.

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