BLACKSWAN’s Fatou Refutes Copying BABYMONSTER Claims

BLACKSWAN’s Fatou is recently accused of copying BABYMONSTER’s debut song

In a recent revelation, BLACKSWAN member Fatou addressed speculations surrounding alleged similarities between her latest mixtape and YG Entertainment’s recently debuted girl group, BABYMONSTER.


Fatou, who dropped her highly anticipated EP, “Letter 1 – Adaeh,” on December 8, has been receiving widespread acclaim for her exceptional skills displayed across the five-track record.

However, the spotlight turned to the title track, “Adaeh,” when some listeners pointed out its striking resemblance to BABYMONSTER’s debut song, “Batter Off,” leading to mild controversy.


Amid accusations of plagiarism during a live broadcast on TikTok, Fatou responded with a combination of candor and sass. She clarified that her team and producers had sampled a different track for “Adaeh,” which coincidentally had also been used by BABYMONSTER’s producers in their debut song. Fatou emphasized that the mixtape had been in the works for a year, and the decision to use the sample was unrelated to YG Entertainment’s girl group.

In a straightforward retort to the accusers, Fatou said, “Please have respect for yourself, come on…Like you gotta know how these things work.”

Fans rallied behind Fatou, praising her no-nonsense approach to addressing the allegations and commending her for shedding light on the unfounded nature of some plagiarism accusations within the K-Pop community.

Source: KB

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