BLACKPINK’s Lisa secretly went back to Thailand to attend her mother’s birthday

Lisa’s mother enjoyed a birthday party filled with famous stars who are friends of her daughter. 

Fans and the public alike never cease to be curious over BLACKPINK’s whereabouts, and Lisa is no exception. After celebrating her 25th birthday alongside her family in March, Lisa returned to South Korea. However, to the shock of fans, the famous idol secretly came back to Thailand again, this time for her mother’s birthday.

A photo of the birthday party with Lisa and her family and friends has recently gone viral across the net. Despite being barefaced and wearing the simplest clothes, it is impossible not to notice Lisa, who always looks downright outstanding. Fans were rejoiced to see the idol’s happy expression by the side of her beloved family. In addition, netizens were surprised to find famous Thai stars, including actress Diana Flipo, vocal trainer Kro Koy, and CLC’s Sorn, in the photo. It is also important to note this picture of the party was published by Diana Flipo, not the BLACKPINK member.  

Lisa in Thailand
With her sunshine smile, Lisa’s visuals still stood out despite her simple style. Actress Diana Flipo, CLC’s Sorn, and vocal trainer Kru Koy also appeared at the party. 
Lisa in Thailand
Diana Flipo, who is Lisa’s best friend, was the one who published photos of the party. Fans believed that Lisa kept things lowkey to protect her family’s privacy. 
Lisa in Thailand
Fans were shocked to learn that the female idol went back to Korea, only to go back to Thailand a couple weeks later.
Lisa Blackpink birthday in Thailand
Last month, Lisa visited Thailand for the first time in 3 years to celebrate her birthday. 
Lisa in Thailand
Then, the idol went back to Korea during the cherry blossom season, only to go back to Thailand again. 
If her birthday photoshoot looked chic and cool, this time Lisa was dressed in a more feminine style. 
The BLACKPINK member looked like a real-life princess in Thailand with her flowy floral gown – an image that fans rarely get to see.  
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