BLACKPINK’s Rosé suspected of having eyelid surgery because of the scar on her eye 

This is not the first time Korean netizens discuss Rosé’s plastic surgery rumors. 

It has been a well-known fact among fans that Rosé likes taking close-up selfies. This helps her show off her clear, spotless skin and pretty features better. When zooming in, fans can even see the tiny pores on Rosé‘s face.

However, these close-up selfies have also caused netizens to suspect Rosé of having undergone plastic surgery, specifically on her eyes. When zooming in on a selfie of Rosé posted last December, a Korean netizen pointed out a strange detail on one of her eyelids. At a glance, many people may mistakenly think this is a scar left by eyelid surgery.


But if you pay close attention, it is not difficult to recognize that this is actually a trace of using lace eyelid tape. Indeed, this is not the first time Rosé used eyelid tapes. At the Met Gala 2021, she gained attention with her double eyelid makeup look by using eyelid tapes and drawing floating crease eyeliners. However, this eye makeup also drew mixed reactions. 

As for the topic of whether or not Rosé has plastic surgery, most netizens think that it is not important.  They think that it is completely normal to undergo minor surgery to change some small details on the face and whether or not she has plastic surgery, Rosé is still pretty.

  • Do you think you will be prettier than Rosé if you have surgery?
  • How about plastic surgery? Leave the girls alone.
  • If she did, what would happen again? What’s wrong with plastic surgery?
  • Thank you so much for showing our pretty Rosé face TT Let’s work hard in life like Rosé too!^
  • Fact: Even though it’s been 16 months since BLACKPINK’s hiatus, if you look at what’s still essential, BLACKPINK must be a real top-top group.
  • In the documentary, Rosé was auditioning when she was 16, but her eyes are definitely different.
  • My makeup teacher said she uses lash extensions

Not long ago, netizens were stirred by the TikTok clip of doctor Charles S. Lee, who revealed the price of Blackpink‘s plastic surgery.  In which, Rosé is said to have paid more than $6000 to undergo minor surgery to widen the eye area and $16000 to have a perfect nose. 


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