“I touched the butt of an actress”… Will the controversy over Ha Seok-jin’s careless remark end after he edited the video?

Actor Ha Seok-jin remains silent although the controversy over his rude action during a CF shoot continues

In a video uploaded on video platform YouTube on July 15th, actor Ha Seok Jin mentioned an advertisement he filmed with actress Han Da Gam back in 2005.

This specific CF film showed Han Da Gam eating a cookie before kissing Ha Seok Jin. “This kind of advertisement is unimaginable nowadays,” the actor said. “The one on TV lasted 20 seconds, but there is a 30-second version as well.”

Ha Seok Jin then continued: “So I’m kissed, and my hands suddenly went up, touching her butt”.

I did not intend to do that, but the director at the time asked me to do it in a whisper,” the actor explained.

Recalling the incident, Ha Seok Jin said that at the time, Han Ga Dam seemed to remain calm despite the unexpected skinship. “Eunjung (old name of Han Da Gam) told me later, ‘Hey, you put your hand on my ass!’, and that was it.”

At the time, I laughed a lot and tried to explain, but I couldn’t bear to admit that the director told me to do it,” the actor concluded.

Ha Seok Jin also joked that he almost got sued, but since Han Da Gam kissed him first, he could sue back.

Later, the behind-the-scenes footage of the kiss scene in the video was deleted. The video seems to have been revised to avoid controversies.

Source: nate

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