BLACKPINK’s Rosé looks like a Hollywood star of the 90s in her photoshoot for Dazed Korea 

Rosé stuns with her glamorous visuals for the March 2022 issue of Dazed Korea. 

On February 21, BLACKPINK’s Rosé created a buzz on online communities when four stunning covers she took for the March 2022 issue of Dazed Korea were released. But it doesn’t stop at the covers. More photos of Rosé in the magazine have been posted and her gorgeous visuals have taken fans’ breath away. 

In every shot, Rosé captures fans’ hearts with her refined figure, mesmerizing, luxurious aura and charming poses. In different concepts, from sexy to powerful or feminine, especially with the wavy hairstyle, Rosé exudes the Hollywood glam. The female idol looks like she came fresh out of a movie set in the 90s.

In the shots where she poses by the pool, she gives off different vibes but still looks sexy in a crisscross rose printed jumpsuit. Her body line is amazing.
With her signature straight hair, while wearing blazers and pants, Rosé looks more chic and powerful
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