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Kim Jong Kook fell in love with Jeon So Min “You are pretty with white T-shirt and jeans”

Kim Jong Kook admired Jeon So Min’s bare face and style.

Members went camping on the March 26th broadcast of SBS’ entertainment show “Running Man”.


After the tent team finished setting up after twists and turns, Kim Jong Kook and Haha suddenly complimented Jeon So Min, “You are pretty with white T-shirt and jeans, you’re the standard (of a beauty)” and “Even the veins on your forehead are cool (?).” Jeon So Min burst into laughter at the compliments on her beauty after a long time.

jeon so min

Afterwards, when Jeon So Min suddenly danced like Shin-chan with no accompaniment, Kim Jong Kook said, “So Min was pretty today. Why did you do that?”, Ji Seok Jin added, “Your charm flies away at the decisive moment.” Accordingly, Jeon So Min, who started dancing in earnest as soon as the accompaniment began, gave off a refreshing beauty. Song Ji Hyo adored her with the mommy smile, which made everyone laugh.

Source: daum

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