BLACKPINK’s promotions for “BORN PINK” is over with only 2 music show stages, the members continue individual activities 

After a 2-year hiatus, fans expected BLACKPINK’s comeback promotions to last longer but got disappointed. 

BLACKPINK is a rare case in K-pop when it comes to group schedules and promotions. Since their debut in 2016, BLACKPINK only promoted frequently like other artists in the first 3 years. Starting from 2019, not only were their breaks between comebacks too long, BLACKPINK’s promotions were also cut down, causing disappointment.

Fans are used to no longer seeing BLACKPINK perform frequently on music shows

On October 1st, BLACKPINK members confirmed through a thank you note to fans that their promotions for the 2nd full album “BORN PINK” and the title track “Shut Down” have ended. This has confused both fans and netizens because there were barely any promotions. 

BLACKPINK went on a hiatus from group activities after the release of “THE ALBUM” in October 2020. It took them 2 years to finally make a comeback but their promotional activities were severely limited. 

BLACKPINK only had one music show performance for “Shut Down” on Inkigayo 

BLACKPINK’s promotions for “Shut Down” include a performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live in the US, a domestic stage on SBS Inkigayo, a radio show, 5 TikTok videos, and that’s it. In previous comebacks, BLACKPINK usually prepared stages for their b-side tracks. However, this time, fans only got the performances of 2 songs, “Shut Down” and the pre-release single “Pink Venom”. 

BLACKPINK Jimmy Kimmel
BLACKPINK went all the way to the US to perform once on Jimmy Kimmel
BLACKPINK filmed 5 TikTok videos

BLACKPINK is about to go on a world tour later this month, so their comeback promotions being shorter than usual is understandable. However, fans are blaming YG for limiting BLACKPINK’s activities as singers, their main job, while prioritizing their solo activities as models and influencers. Rosé and Jisoo recently departed for France to attend Paris Fashion Week. Netizens are wondering if focusing too much on fashion schedules is affecting BLACKPINK’s time for music.

Jisoo Blackpink paris fashion week
Rose Blackpink paris fashion week
Rosé and Jisoo at Paris Fashion Week 

Netizens left comments:

  • BLACKPINK is already a senior group so they don’t have to promote on various music shows. Rosé has been on the plane so much lately. She deserves some rest. 
  • They got 2 years to prepare. Only 2 music show performances are ridiculous.
  • They are preparing for the tour so they’re busy enough.
  • YG be like, wait for another 2 years.
  • I feel like BLACKPINK is prioritizing their fashion activities over comeback promotions. 

Source: K14

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