BLACKPINK’s Lisa rocked transparent and cut-out fashions without looking too revealing 

BLACKPINK’s Lisa is going viral for her newest beach mix & match!

Despite having one of the best physiques in Kpop, BLACKPINK’s Lisa rarely shows off her sexy body. Therefore, whenever the idol drops photos of herself in daring outfits, fans get extremely excited. This same reaction also happens after Lisa’s newest Instagram post. 

blackpink lisa

At first glance, Lisa is simply boasting her beach fashion, but squint a bit harder and you will see a brand new world. The back cut-out and transparent fabric really highlights Lisa’s perfect doll-like figure.

blackpink lisa

Had the lights been brighter, then Lisa would look even more stunning with her iconic long, slim legs. In this series of photos, Lisa managed to look both seductive and chic. Outstanding as she is, the female idol might have kick-started a new beach fashion trend for this summer: to wear daring and see-through cut-out dresses outside sexy bikinis. 

blackpink lisa

Previously in October 2021, Lisa also went viral during her trip to France. Here, she posted pictures of her in a crop top and underwear by the sea. And despite the photos being taken from behind, Lisa’s body proportions managed to shine. 

Lisa may be famous for her legs, but the idol’s back is no less alluring. Ever time she wears backless eyes, Lisa draws attention with her curves and eye-catching back line. 

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