Fans Delighted as BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Rihanna Finally Share the Same Frame

BLACKPINK’s Lisa dazzled the audience as part of the star-studded lineup of the 2024 Gala Des Pièces Jaunes, which included Maroon 5, Pharrell Williams, J Balvin, A$AP Rocky, and more.

Among the notable attendees, Rihanna caught the eyes of many. Fans couldn’t help but hope for an interaction between Rihanna and Lisa, especially when Rihanna has been Lisa’s idol for a long time.

Fans’ wishes quickly turned into reality when Lisa recently shared a photo on her Instagram, confirming the encounter between the two.

The photo captured Lisa and Rihanna standing side by side, both radiating beauty in their stylish outfits with smiles lighting up their faces.

This wasn’t the first instance of their meeting, as Lisa reportedly attended Jay-Z’s birthday bash in December 2023, with Rihanna in attendance. 

Source: KB

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