BLACKPINK’s Lisa Accused of Snubbing Jennie & YG in “Rockstar” Lyrics 

A lot of netizens are perhaps looking too deeply into the lyrics of BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s latest single “"Rockstar"”.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa recent made her solo comeback with the single “Rockstar” on June 28. Investing heavily in her first musical release under her new company LLOUD, “Rockstar” is both an opportunity and a challenge for Lisa to prove her independence after leaving YG.

However, the song quickly became embroiled in serious controversies. 

lisa rockstar

Among the controversies surrounding Lisa and her new music, the most prominent is the issue of lyrics. Attempting songwriting for the first time, with lyrics mostly in English, Lisa failed to impress discerning music fans. “Rockstar” was criticized for its meaningless lyrics, revolving around the theme of “flexing herself” but lacking appeal.

On certain forums, some music fans made negative comments about Lisa’s new song, claiming that the female idol only repeatedly rapped simple lines, superficially incorporating cultural elements into the rap. 

lisa rockstar

In response to the criticisms directed at their idol, Lilies (Lisa’s individual fans) defended her. To counter the criticism that “Rockstar” was empty and meaningless, fans began analyzing the hidden meanings Lisa embedded in her rap. Specifically, a thread by one of the Lilies, interpreting Lisa’s rap lyrics, went viral on the X (Twitter) platform. According to this fan, Lisa was not superficial when writing “Rockstar”, and listeners had to be discerning to understand the message.

Fans analyze the hidden meanings in Lisa’s lyrics for “Rockstar”

Notable rap lines include “Gold teeth sittin’ on the dash, she a “Rockstar”; Make your favorite singer wanna rap, baby, lala.” Here, Lisa’s fan explained that the Thai idol was addressing the criticism of her “stealing Jennie’s rap lines in BLACKPINK’s songs.”

Furthermore, one of Lisa’s fan interpreted the lyrics of “Rockstar” as mentioning BLACKPINK. Specifically, in the line “Been MIA, BKK so pretty; Every city that I go is my city,” they suggested that Lisa was responding to criticism of her laziness and frequent traveling.

According to this interpretation, unlike accusations that Lisa is always vacationing when other members work, Lisa does a lot of work in silence for BLACKPINK. In addition, the female idol kept being told to leave her group and come back to her country, but she will be everywhere just like how “BLACKPINK in your area”, and even be the loudest of the 4 members. 

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Additionally, the line “Been on a mission, boy, they call me catch-and-kill” was understood as a “diss” towards YG. Here, “catch” and “kill” are slang terms used in media to prevent information leaks. As a result, Lisa’s fan speculated that the idol had to sign a confidentiality agreement before leaving YG, so had many grievances but couldn’t speak out.

This interpretation of the lyrics received support from many of Lisa’s “solo” fans. However, some believed that Lisa’s fans overestimated their idol and are making groundless assumptions.

Jennie Lisa

Ultimately, the lyrics of “Rockstar” should be taken at face value and fans’ continuous unconfirmed explanations only add to the controversy, especially when some of Lisa’s “solo” fans intentionally undermine and harm other members. P

Previously, Lisa was criticized for not thanking the BLINK community in her post about “Rockstar”. It seems that before this controversy settled, another scandal arose.

Source: X, K14

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