Oh My Girl’s Seunghee “It’s a shame that juniors these days only greet with eye contact”

On "Radio Star", Oh My Girl's Seunghee mentioned the idol juniors these days who do not greet properly

On the July 3rd broadcast of MBC’s entertainment program “Radio Star”, Ock Joo-hyun, Ahn Hyun-mo, Jo Hyun-ah and Oh My Girl’s Seunghee appeared as guests.

During the broadcast, Seunghee addressed the assessment that she has been overshadowed by Mimi’s recent success on variety shows, saying, “I’m still doing well.” She added, “But I do feel that Mimi has surpassed me in some areas. I made a reappearance on ‘Radio Star’ after 5 years, but Mimi came back after just one year.


Seunghee also piqued curiosity by saying she can tell the seasons are changing based on her bank account. She explained, “Oh My Girl has a lot of summer songs. I’ve done the chorus for all of Oh My Girl’s songs since I was 17, for 12 years now. So I have some expertise in it.”

She continued, “Thanks to doing the chorus, I can tell which songs are very popular. Among them, ‘Dolphin’ is extremely popular. Senior IU covered it once, and after that, it became even more popular.”


Seunghee, who has already been in her 10th year since her debut, referred to the greetings of juniors these days, “In the past, there was a tradition of going around the waiting rooms to greet everyone. But that’s disappeared these days. Now, people just exchange eye contact in the hallways.”

Seunghee added, “I really liked the old greeting culture. Sometimes I’m curious about who the juniors are.” Ock Joo-hyun said “I feel uncomfortable when they are too formal with me“, to which Kim Gu-ra responded “It’s obvious that the atmosphere with Seunghee is quite different“, drawing laughter.

Seunghee also revealed that she created the famous “Music Bank” photo zone. She explained, “It’s at the handrail of a staircase. I once went in and took a picture there, and it became a hot topic, turning into a photo zone.

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