Red Velvet’s Joy Reveals Wild Youth: Out Drinking All Night Before Music Shows

The revelations of Red Velvet’s Joy about her actions while younger has given Korean netizens quite the shock. 

Recently, Joy, alongside Red Velvet members Seulgi and Yeri, Joy appeared on Shin Dong-yup‘s YouTube drinking show to promote their latest title, “Cosmic.”

Here, Joy made several shocking revelations about her actions while younger, and quickly became a hot topic on Korean forums. 

In particular, Joy confessed that in her early 20s, she would be “out drinking all night” until she saw the sunrise. Additionally, despite music shows starting to film as early as 5 AM and idols having to arrive at hair and makeup salons several hours earlier, Joy would be drinking, getting hangover cures, and getting some sleep during hair and make up. 

red velvet joy

She would then perform at music shows as normal, showing an impressive level of energy. 

The topic regarding Joy’s confession has attracted over 110,000 views on the Korean forum Pann Nate. Why some express shock and criticize the female idol for being “unprofessional”, most netizens defend Joy, saying that despite it all, she never made mistakes on stage and instead always smiled brightly. 

Below are some comments from netizens:

  • When Joy was doing dramas and music shows at the same time, aside from the time she got sick, didn’t she always smile brightly and perform well on stage? Did she always make mistakes in choreography? Or did she sing out of tune? What did she do? Judging from the fact that people didn’t even know about this at the time, her facial expression probably didn’t show it. I think that everyone in their early 20s lived similarly, except for those who didn’t drink.
  • It’s not like she messed up the stage like that, so what’s the problem?
  • Commenters, why are you picking on this… Red Velvet’s stages were always good. What’s the problem with telling us now that she performed with a hangover? She performed well 

Source: Pann Nate, Krb

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