BLACKPINK’s Jennie being a victim of hacking should be focused on instead of the leaked private photos 

Just because Jennie is a celebrity, it doesn’t mean that hacking should be normalized. 

BLACKPINK’s Jennie and BTS’s V have been embroiled in dating rumors fueled by private photos that were released without their consent. It seems that the fact that they are victims of hacking is being forgotten because of the provocative leaked photos of their personal lives.

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Jennie and V’s dating rumors have recently stirred up the K-pop fandom both domestically and overseas. It is only natural that everyone’s attention is drawn to the dating rumors of two top idols. In addition, as their personal lives are unveiled, all kinds of issues including the authenticity of their romantic relationship are being raised.

In May, when Jennie and V’s dating rumors were first sparked, photos of a man and a woman who appear to be the idols spread rapidly across online communities and social media. It was the so-called “Jeju Island incident”. Photos released by a netizen at the time showed a man and woman presumed to be V and Jennie inside a car. Starting from this, the dating rumors have gradually provoked various controversies and issues, but V and Jennie’s agencies did not give a response.

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When multiple photos were released one after another by the hacker, the possibility of Jennie or V’s private Instagram or iCloud being hacked was raised, and the real problem started from here. 

The hacker even opened a Telegram chat room and said with a hostile attitude, “As soon as I saw these pictures for the first time, I contacted the two of them. I’ve sent messages to Jennie several times but never received a reply. If you think I’m wrong enough to be arrested, tell them to do it.” The criminal act of leaking photos obtained through hacking has not stopped.

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In the sense that both agencies remain silent without making a statement, the dating rumors between V and Jennie seem to have become a fact to some extent. If so, now is the time to look at them as victims of hacking rather than main characters of a dating rumor. Moreover, it is also a time when the agency’s role in protecting their artists is more seriously demanded than ever.

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It is clear that hacking crime is not a matter to be dismissed as simply gossip, as threats to demand money by using celebrity SNS hacking as a hostage are happening. 

With this in mind, isn’t it time to reconsider whether it is right to regard the damage Jennie and V are going through as something celebrities have to endure? They are victims of hacking crimes before they are celebrities.

Source: daum

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