BLACKPINK Rosé wears traditional Korean hair accessory, promote Korean culture in the US

Rosé, a member of girl group BLACKPINK, has promoted the beauty of Korea to the world with a traditional hair accessory called “daenggi”.

On March 29th (local time), Rosé attended the Sulwhasoo event held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.


Rosé has been serving as a global ambassador for Sulwhasoo since August last year.

On this day, Rosé appeared at the event in a black long dress.

Greeting fans while receiving camera flashes, Rosé turned around and began to enter the venue.

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At that time, what caught the eye was Rosé’s hair decoration – which is a black “daenggi” and a butterfly shape perched on it. “Daenggi” is a  traditional Korean hair accessory,  which is shaped like a tie and is tied to the end of a long braided hair, which was used from the Three Kingdoms period to the Joseon Dynasty.

In fact, international fans are showing a lot of interest in Rosé’s hair decoration.


Last year, during the “Beijing Winter Olympics”, China sent out a woman wearing a “daenggi” and hanbok, claiming to represent a Chinese ethnic minority, which stirred up a cultural controversy.

Rosé, who has a considerable number of Chinese fans, has thus been praised for showing off the beauty of Korea’s “daenggi” with confidence.

Source: Insight

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