BLACKPINK Jennie’s revealing “under-buttock” fashion in the Philippines draws mixed reaction

Jennie, a BLACKPINK member, shows off a daring fashion item that barely covers her hips and draws attention in the Philippines.

On March 25th and 26th, BLACKPINK held two nights of concerts in the Philippines as part of their BORN PINK World Tour. 

Here, Jennie donned a miniskirt and flaunted her sexiness, and her outfit had the shortest bottoms among the members. 


Videos of Jennie showing off her thrilling yet enchanting atmosphere has since spread rapidly through various SNS platforms.

Among them, a video of Jennie posted on the TikTok account ‘ch_blackpink’ on March 26th is gaining huge popularity.


In the video, Jennie sways and dances gracefully, looking like a fairy. At the same time, fans cheered at her superior leg lines revealed by her short skirt. In addition, her ribbon hair band that reached her waist and her fluffy leg warmers were reminiscent of a ballerina.


Netizens who watched the video showed various reactions, such as “Her face is like a baby, but her body is one of a hot girl”, “She looks like a real fairy dancing”, and “I’m not sure if she’s setting a trend with her under-buttock fashion”.

On the other hand, some fans expressed concern for Jennie, saying, “The exposure seems too much” and “Even if it’s a pretty outfit, I wish they would dress her in something that covers important body parts next time.”

Source: Insight

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