BLACKPINK Jennie x Kristen Stewart – the ‘golden’ connection of the two “human Chanel”

BLACKPINK’s Jennie boasted her special connection with a celebrity.

Jennie posted some photos on her Instagram on October 6th and wrote “Chanel kind of day” in her caption. The photo shows a two-shot cut of Jennie and Kristen Stewart. The two, who are working as Chanel ambassadors, drew attention by showing off their “human Chanel” charisma.

blackpink jennie

The BLACKPINK member wore a dark red-colored top and miniskirt, flaunting her outstanding beauty. Meanwhile, Kristine Stewart, the muse of Chanel since 2013, showed her loveliness with her impressive blonde hair and a pink jacket.

blackpink jennie

Jennie also pleased fans by taking several photos of herself dressed up in Chanel items from head to toe. In response, global fans gave her many compliments, such as “So attractive”, “Wow, so sexy”, “Red Jennie is always the right choice.”

blackpink jennie

Meanwhile, Jennie recently left for Paris to attend the Paris Fashion Week.

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