BLACKPINK exudes elegance in 1st group pictorial after a year, confirms a comeback is under preparation 

BLACKPINK x Rolling Stone Magazine is currently the talk of the town.

BLACKPINK recently became the first ever Asian and K-pop girl group, and the third group overall to ever feature on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. This is also the first time all 4 members did a group pictorial since May 2021. 

BLACKPINK is the first K-pop girl group to grace the cover of Rolling Stone. 

In this shoot for Rolling Stone, Jennie stands out with her ginger orange hair. She wore a tight-fitted sleeveless outfit that perfectly highlights her toned body and attractive 90-degree shoulders. Jennie’s overflowing charisma and trademark chic aura stun every time a new pictorial comes out. 

BLACKPINK’s top-tier visuals and aura 
Orange-haired Jennie stands out 

In a solo shot, Jennie wears a cropped knitted tube top with a cardigan and jeans, showing off her tiny ant waist. What’s most impressive is Jennie’s pose and facial expressions. She looks both hip and sexy. Jennie is not dubbed the “pictorial genius” for no reasons.

Jennie posed like a pro model 

Lisa is equally eye-catching. In the group pictures, Lisa wears a feminine green tube top, boasting her slim waist and attractively wide shoulders. She also rocks the metallic silver pants, which are definitely not something anyone can look good in. For the solo shot, Lisa wears the most basic outfit, including a while tank top and jeans, but she still radiates classy vibes. 

Lisa’s top-notch aura still shines even in a simple outfit 

Rosé had the usual bun hairstyle with antenna bangs and was dressed like a rock star for the group shots. But what caught more attention is Rosé’s individual shot. Rosé debuted her mid-length haircut in a group pictorial for the first time. In a long sleeve leather top, Rosé looks fierce and powerful. Her intense gaze makes fans unable to take their eyes off. 

Rose Blackpink
Rosé’s new haircut is a sight to see

In the group pictures, Jisoo was the only member dressed in a strikingly red top. But all the attention is focused on Jisoo’s gorgeous visuals. With long black hair, Jisoo looks alluring and graceful. As for her personal shot, BLACKPINK’s oldest member once again flaunted her goddess-like face in a close-up. Her facial features are simply flawless. 

Jisoo’s stunning close-up shot 

In their interview, BLACKPINK confirmed they are working on a long-awaited full group comeback. Talking about their contracts with YG Entertainment that is expiring soon, what the girls shared warms fans’ hearts. 

BLACKPINK insists that whether they are 40 or 70 years old, they will still go together. (Photo: Rolling Stone)

Lisa said, “BLACKPINK will last for at least 10 years right? We’ll be close to 40 by then.” But, Jennie once again affirmed, “Even though we are 70 years old and have different lives, I will still feel like I’m BLACKPINK. It sounds cheesy, but I think BLACKPINK will never end. It’s a part of my family. You can’t deny your family.” Thus, whether at the age of 40 or 70, BLACKPINK is always together and a family.


Since the beginning of this year, many rumors regarding BLACKPINK’s return to the music industry have been spread in anticipation of K-pop fans. However, a long time has passed but BLACKPINK and YG Entertainment have remained silent. Therefore, the Rolling Stone publication received the attention of a large number of fans. It also gives fans peace of mind to wait for the girls’ upcoming comeback.

For a long time, BLACKPINK has not returned to the music industry.
The group is preparing for the upcoming amazing comeback.

Currently, BLACKPINK’s collaboration with Rolling Stone magazine has become a topic of public interest. In particular, fans are extremely looking forward to the next comeback of the 4 YG girls.

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