“The Witch 2” Seo Eun-soo, “I wanted to get used to guns, so I slept holding a gun”

Actress Seo Eun-soo heralded a transformation of acting in “The Witch 2”.

On May 24th, an online press conference for the movie “The Witch 2” (directed by Park Hoon-jung) was held. “The Witch 2“, which will be released on June 15th, is an action movie centering around a girl who came out of the world after surviving secret lab destruction and the forces chasing her gathered for different purposes.

Seo Eunsoo

In the work, Seo Eun-soo passed her existing innocent characters and heralded a change by transforming into an agent in “The Witch 2”. Seo Eun-soo introduced her character, “Jo-hyeon is an agent who tracks the girl. Jo-hyeon is a former soldier. She is called an ace agent who has excellent judgment as well as cold, cool-headed and ruthless injuring ability. Doctor Baek secretly gives her a mission.”

Seo Eunsoo

She continued, “I met this work when I was thirsty for a new character. I’m very grateful to the director for discovering another face of mine and casting me as Jo-hyeon. There were challenging and difficult scenes, and I felt a sense of pleasure every time I did well. It was a rewarding and enjoyable job.”

Seo Eunsoo

Regarding her practice for action acting, she confessed, “I went to an action school to practice and train. There were many scenes in which we used guns, so I wanted to get used to the weight of a gun. I had been holding a gun and carrying it when I slept, so there were times I slept holding it. I tried to get used to it. Now I returned the gun.”

Source: Nate

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