“Big Mouth” season 2: Will Mi Ho (Yoona) come back and give birth to Lee Jong Suk’s child?

Still emotional over the finale of “Big Mouth” and a possibility of season 2, many netizens take the matter into their own hands.

The recently-concluded K-drama “Big Mouth” is one of the most successful projects within 2022. Many netizens, however, were unsatisfied with the series’ ending, and so with the possibility of a second season hanging, theories and alternative finales are being made up by netizens.

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Recently, MBC has released the previously unannounced wedding photos of “Big Mouth” Mi Ho (Yoona) and Chang Ho (Lee Jong Suk), which instantly became a hot topic. Looking at the happy pictures, some viewers can’t help but hope that the footage will make it to season 2.  

Big moth yoona lee jong suk

Some desperate netizens even edited Lee Jong Suk’s photo as a child into the picture to visualize a happy family consisting of Mi Ho, Chang Ho, and their first born child, at the same time expressing their wish for “Big Mouth” to bring Mi Ho back. 

Big moth yoona lee jong suk
Lee Jongsuk

Previously, the tragic ending of “Big Mouth” had caused a lot of viewers to bawl their eyes out. In particular, the series concluded with the protagonists winning, yet Mi Ho passed away due to late stage cancer. Her final moment drew such strong reactions, that it even topped the Weibo hot search and went viral on various social media world wide. 

Ever since, netizens have been throwing criticisms at MBC – the broadcasting station behind “Big Mouth”, and demanding for a 2nd season or at least extra footage of Mi Ho and Chang Ho’s happy moments. These wishes have become stronger than ever as the production team discuss a possibility of season 2 themselves. 

Now, expectations are higher than ever for a second season, and some netizens are even speculating on how it would go, and if Mi Ho has any chance of re-appearing. 

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