Big Mouth broke its own record, the identity of ‘Big Mouse’ officially revealed?

In the latest episode, Big Mouth revealed the true identity of Big Mouse.

Big Mouth starring Lee Jong Suk and Im Yoona (SNSD) is becoming more and more attractive and unpredictable.

After the rating slightly decreased last week, based on the latest episode statistics on August 26, the rating of Big Mouth has increased by 1.34% compared to the previous episode, the real-time rating reached 23.92%.  This is not a very high number, but it can still be seen that the drama is being well-received.

In addition, Big Mouth is also ranked 2nd in the top trending on Twitter in Korea.

Also in episode 9, “Big Mouth” revealed a few important details and a plot twist that surprised the audience.  It turns out that the person Park Chang Ho (Lee Jong Suk) has always believed in – Mayor Choi Do Ha (Kim Joo Hun) is the one who betrayed him.  Choi Do Ha was one of the factors that brought him to prison.

Based on the above details, many viewers have raised the suspicion that Choi Do Ha is probably Big Mouse.

Besides, many netizens believe that Big Mouse is not a person, but an organization and it is highly likely that Jerry also belongs to this organization.

Now Big Mouth has gone more than half of the way, but still makes the audience extremely wondering who is the real Big Mouse.  The drama is still continuing to air on MBC at 21:50 every Friday and Saturday night.

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