Strikingly beautiful idols through normal camera lenses 

Female idols are ready to take on any quality of cameras thanks to their otherworldly beauty. 

Recently, TWICE had their comeback with “Talk that Talk” and spent their time with fans despite the current heat. Through normal camera lenses, 9 members looked spotless all the same. Tzuyu looked especially outstanding for her eye-popping purple hair. 

Apart from their promotional activities for “PINK VENOM”, BLACKPINK recently set off for New York, USA to attend the MTV VMAs 2022. In unedited photos, the members’ photos did not disappoint. Their confidence and attitude filled the pictures and fans immediately took them to social media for vibrant discussion. 

IVE is highly regarded by their fans owing to their reputation as the “visual group”. The members always stand out in public because of their amazing heights. Not long ago, IVE’s unedited photos sent fans into a frenzy with Wonyoung receiving much praise for her stunning visuals. 

At SM “family concert”, fans recorded most photos of aespa’s Karina by their phone cameras. The idol looks surreally beautiful at any camera angle. With these photos the idol gained not a small number of new fans. She was also positively remarked for friendly personality and attempts to keep interaction with everyone. 

ITZY’s first concert was also the talk of the town. The JYP girl group scored a point with the public for their cuteness and fitness. Yuna’s individual photos stood out among the members’ stunning photos. Her proportionate body and long slender legs put fans in awe. 

When looks are important assets for idols, they make sure to look their best in front of any type of camera, from high-quality lenses to everyday casual phone cameras.

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