Bibi’s younger sister to make her idol debut in a 24-member girl group 

The younger sister of Bibi (real name Kim Hyung Seo) will debut as an idol. 

A post titled “Bibi’s younger sister who is even prettier than Bibi is debuting in a girl group” was posted on a Korean online community on September 29th, gaining netizens’ attention. In the post, Bibi’s younger sister, Kim Na Kyoung, was captured in a video.

Kim Na Kyoung is set to make her idol debut in the upcoming 24-member girl group under MODHAUS.

Earlier in August, tripleS’s official YouTube channel named Kim Na Kyoung as the 7th member. The group is scheduled to debut this October.

Netizens showed various reactions, such as, “I remember Bibi’s younger sister looking pretty and cute, but she’s hip and cool when she dresses up”, “Congratulations on your debut”, “I’m looking forward to her debut”, etc.

In the past, Kim Na Kyoung was seen visiting her sister’s house when Bibi appeared on SBS’s survival entertainment program “The Fan”. She was often spotted cheering for Bibi in the audience.

Meanwhile, among the 24 members of tripleS, only 8 members have been revealed so far. If tripleS actually debuts as a 24-member group, they will become the most crowded K-pop idol group, surpassing NCT with 23 members.

Source: wikitree

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