BIBI suddenly explained her new song at Chungbuk National University Festival: “It’s not hatred towards men or women”

Singer BIBI performed at the Chungbuk National University Festival on Sep 29th, where she suddenly explained about the music video of her new song, which recently got into a little controversy.

BIBI appeared at the Chungbuk National University Festival held on Sep 29th. On this day, she invited a male and a female student to the stage and gave them a high-touch event, drawing cheers from the crowd.


Especially on this day, BIBI explained the small controversy over her newly-released music video “Animal Farm”.

Since its release on Sep 27th, the “Animal Farm” music video has been criticized by some netizens, saying they were upset by several scenes, including those where she cut the men’s throats with a sword.

In addition, there was a small controversy on various online communities that the scene seemed to express her hatred for men.


In response, BIBI began to indirectly explain those scenes on her Instagram live after the music video was released. The controversy soon died down among netizens when she explained that “I just put whatever I wanted to do in the music video”.

On the day of the festival, BIBI also mentioned the MV directly as if she was concerned about the controversy over misandry and misogyny regarding the scenes in her MV.

“Everyone, my new song is out. But you don’t have to watch it. It’s very cruel,” she said. “Everyone, I’ll explain it. It’s not hatred towards men or women either. I’m a person full of love,” she explained.

“I wanted to copy the movie ‘Kill Bill’ (the reason why I killed many people in the music video),” she added.

According to her agency Feel Ghood Music, “Animal Farm” is a track made under the theme of “Wrong Standards of the World and Fighting Against the Existing Systems.” BIBI produced and wrote the lyrics herself, and the music video was produced for 18-year-old and older viewers.

Like her previous works, BIBI is in charge of planning the entire concept of the story, directing, acting, and music.

Source: wikitree

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