Behind-the-Scenes Footage of Actors Shedding Tears in ‘The Glory’ Goes Viral Among Netizens

A behind-the-scenes video of actors shedding tears while filming for Netflix’s ‘The Glory’ has caught the attention of netizens.

On the 23rd, official Netflix social media accounts uploaded footage of actors Song Hye-kyo, Park Ji-ah, Cha Ju-young, Lee Do-hyun, Yeom Hye-ran, and Im Ji-yeon shedding tears during their filming ‘The Glory’.

The footage includes scenes such as Moon Dong-eun (played by Song Hye-kyo) tearfully admitting her fault to Jung Mi-hee (played by Park Ji-ah), Choi Hye-jung (played by Cha Ju-young) crying in a hospital, and Park Yeon-jin (played by Im Ji-yeon) giving a weather forecast like a weathercaster in prison.

The Netflix team expressed gratitude for the success of ‘The Glory’, saying “Thanks to all of you who were fully immersed in every moment, every scene was made glorious.”

Netizens who watched the video left comments such as “I want to see more scenes of Dong-eun and her mother crying together. It’s too short”, “They’re really amazing”, “Im Ji-yeon’s tears make me cry too”, “I don’t know why, but tears just come out.”

Source: wikitree

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