Song Kang shines with his statue-like visual after losing weight in W Korea photoshoot

Actor Song Kang showed off his handsome face and sculpted body.

On March 23rd, W Korea magazine released new pictorials of actor Song Kang on its official website and Instagram account.

In the released photos, Song Kang captivated fans and netizens by showcasing his attractive facial features and sharp jawlines. In addition, he also boasted his perfect physique with broad shoulders and a solid body.

Song Kang

The actor exuded a sexy and charming atmosphere, drawing admiration with his aura as a “photoshoot master.”

Introducing Song Kang, W Korea added to the pictures with the caption, “Actor Song Kang, who talks with his infinitely clear and strong gaze.”

In response to the pictorials, many fans commented, “He’s so handsome”, “His face and body are both perfect”, etc.

Song Kang

On the 18th, W Korea also released an interview video featuring Song Kang answering 11 questions on its official YouTube channel. 

In the video, Song Kang chose his jawline as the body part he is most confident about, then revealed his strict self-management routine, saying “This is the taste of dieting.”

Song Kang

Source: Insight

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