“Be happy, my wonderful daughter”… Jessi shed tears as her mom came from America to support her

Jessi shed tears on stage.

Singer Jessi appeared on KBS 2TV’s “Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook“, which aired on April 15th.

MC Yoo Hee-yeol told Jessi, “I heard that your mother is here today.” Jessi looked emotional just by mentioning “mom“. She said, “Don’t make me cry.” Then she added, “My mom came (from America) because I was having a hard time. She wanted to be by my side. It’s been a while since I last saw her.”

Jessi‘s mother said, “Thank you for loving (Jessi). I’m proud of my daughter.” Yoo Hee-yeol asked, “You look pretty. You had your hair done (at the shop), didn’t you?Jessi‘s mother made everyone laugh as she frankly confessed, “I didn’t wash my hair.Jessi added, “It’s similar (to me). My dad adores my mom.” When Yoo Hee-yeol could not hold back his laughter, Jessi said, “I have to tell you what’s on my mind. I think she didn’t wash her hair.” When Yoo Hee-yeol asked how Jessi’s mother felt after watching Jessi’s performance, she expressed her special feelings, “I want to dance.”


Jessi continued, “My family supports me no matter what I do. They tell me that even if I make a mistake, I can get up again. I grew up strong. I’m now 35 years old, and I was able to live like myself thanks to my family.” Jessi‘s mother moved viewers by writing the message “Be happy, my wonderful daughter” in the sketchbook.

Jessi shed tears as she sang “star“, a song about her family. Yoo Hee-yeol showed sympathy, “I don’t know why I get emotional when I hear the word ‘mom’.”

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