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Baek Koo Young reveals his blunt comment to EXO Kai in the past “Don’t say you learned dance from me”

Dancer and choreographer Baek Koo Young appeared on “King of Masked Singer.”

On the April 9th broadcast of MBC’s “King of Masked Singer,” famous dancer and choreographer Baek Koo Young revealed himself as a contestant behind the mask and became a hot topic.

Baek Koo Young performed Paul Kim’s hit song “Every Day, Every Moment” in the second round. Unfortunately, he was eliminated and revealed his identity, much to the surprise of the celebrity panelists.

Baek Goo-young

Lim Han Byul commented on Baek Koo Young’s choice of Paul Kim’s song, saying, “I have given him a lesson for this song before. He suddenly asked me to teach him the song a month or two ago out of the blue, saying he wanted to sing it for his wife as a serenade.”

Kim Sung Joo asked Baek Koo Young if he knew that Lim Han Byul would appear on the show, to which he replied, “I had no idea.” 

Kim Sung Joo also commented, “Baek Koo Young is famous not only as the leader of 1Million Dance Studio but also as SM Entertainment’s exclusive performance director. He was in charge of many dance performances, earning the nickname ‘EXO’s father.'”

Baek Goo-young

Baek Koo Young boasted, “I started with personal lessons for Eunhyuk, but then I taught EXO members various choreographies, such as ‘Ko Ko Bop,’ ‘Love Shot,’ ‘Obsession,’ and many others from when they were trainees before their debut.”

Kim Sung Joo revealed, “There were members who were hurt because he taught the dances so harshly.” 

Baek Koo Young then recalled, “When Kai was in the third year of middle school and the trainees had monthly evaluations, he was receiving a lot of compliments like ‘Kai, you’re really cool,’ but after watching him perform, I told him, ‘Don’t say you learned dance from me.’ Then he cried a lot after that.”

Baek Koo Young apologized to Kai, saying, “I’m really sorry, and I’m reflecting a lot now that I’m standing on this stage.”

Source: Daum

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