CUBE is mocked for celebrating Pentagon’s “combined” 100 million views for “Shine”

CUBE announced that Pentagon's "Shine" MV reached 100 million views after seven months of release, views were cumulated from the group's official Youtube and 1theK channel.

Just a few hours ago, Korean media such as Osen, Herald Pop, etc reported that Pentagon’s “Shine” music video has officially seen 100 million views, adding the group to the group of idols with hundred million views. The official twitter of CUBE and Pentagon also quickly redirected the link to this article.

Pentagon’s official twitter also linked and posted photos to thank fans of the group

However, after reviewing, it was discovered that CUBE had cumulated views from the 1theK channel (94.7 million) and Pentagon’s official Youtube channel (5.4 million) and announced the “Shine” MV of the group has reached 100 million views after 7 months of release. Although for groups with MV on 2 channels, cumulating views is completely normal, so far in Kpop never had a group of 100 million views in such a strange way like CUBE.

It is possible that this is CUBE’s media-play form for Pentagon, but some fans of the group claimed that CUBE did not need to do so. It is because “Shine” is growing at a steady rate, with an average of 500,000 views per day. Therefore, the MV will soon reach 100 million views on 1theK and by then, CUBE will officially have media-play.

“Shine” has actually just reached 94 million views on channel 1theK and nearly 6 million views on the Pentagon’s official Youtube channel. The 100 million views CUBE claimed must be a combination of these two.

“Shine” is Pentagon’s biggest hit since it debuted so far. The song is included in its 6th mini-album “Position” released on April 2nd, 2018. With a cheerful melody and impressive lyrics, “Shine” successfully climbed over 200 ranks to manage to be in the top 100 of Melon (highest at top 30) during the past seven months. The success of “Shine” brought Pentagon a lot of attention and created a big push for their next comeback. Unfortunately, the dating scandal of member E’Dawn and HyunA has greatly affected the group, which is said to have also made its latest comeback with “Naughty Boy” not as successful as expected.

Source: KLive

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