BABYMONSTER’s September Debut Plan Eventually Fell Through

YG’s new girl group BABYMONSTER failed to make their debut in September

BABYMONSTER is the first girl group project released by YG seven years after BLACKPINK’s debut. Being the junior group of BLACKPINK, the most famous K-pop girl group in the world, BABYMONSTER is one of the most anticipated rookie groups in 2023. The members have also been actively promoting themselves in various ways, such as performance videos, debut reality program, and SNS content.


In May, Yang Hyun-suk returned as YG’s executive producer to lead the BABYMONSTER project while attending trials on his threatening charges. He announced the debut lineup of 7 members on BABYMONSTER’s official channel and revealed YG’s ambition aiming at the global market with this multinational group consisting of Koreans (Ahyeon, Haram, Rora), Thai (Pharita, Chiquita) and Japanese (Ruka, Asa). 

Even before their debut, BABYMONSTER has earned remarkable achievements. Their official YouTube channel surpassed 2 million subscribers, the fastest among girl groups, with the total views for all videos exceeding 400 million within 127 days. Leading foreign media outlets, such as Billboard and NME, also expect the group to create a new wave in the K-pop industry.

However, it seems to be difficult for BABYMONSTER to make their official debut in September as planned. Before, YG insiders said the group would be introduced in September at the latest, but the current atmosphere is subtle without a debut promotion schedule even though it’s already the end of September. 


BABYMONSTER went through ups and downs to be confirmed with a seven-member debut lineup. At first, the group was set to have only five members. However, considering various opinions from fans, Rora and Asa were added to the lineup to complete a group of seven members. At that time, Yang Hyun-suk said, “I think YG fans are also parts of YG Family. So you can think that they are the members chosen by YG fans”, adding “I don’t think the debut will be later than this fall”.

Yang Hyun-suk has already set BABYMONSTER’s debut in September and began to participate in the debut project as YG’s executive producer right after being announced not guilty of threatening charges. Although the trial is not completely over yet, it is clear that Yang Hyun-suk is making every effort to resume his activities.

It is still unknown whether BABYMONSTER, will be able to debut this fall after failing to make it in September as Yang Hyun-suk said. Yang Hyun-suk was confirmed not guilty at the fifth appeal trial on the 27th. The final sentence will be announced on November 8th.

Source: Daum

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