BABYMONSTER wants to go to Coachella like BLACKPINK? The dream of 7 members

Rookie girl group BABYMONSTER has hinted at a dazzling rise following in the footsteps of their YG senior BLACKPINK.

At midnight on May 19th, YG Entertainment published the video “BABYMONSTER – DEBUT MEMBER ANNOUNCEMENT REACTION” on the group’s official YouTube channel. The video shows seven members watching the final debut group announcement, and conveys the raw emotions of that day.

Previously, YG general producer Yang Hyun Suk stated that BABYMONSTER was planned to be a group of five members from the beginning, suggesting a final lineup of 5. Afterwards, Ahyeon, Ruka, Chiquita, Haram, Pharita were named in the debut group, while Asa and Rora were said to join YG’s new project. Although there were some disappointments, the members sincerely congratulated each other, bringing out emotional moments.

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However, Yang Hyun Suk then reflected on the opinions of fans around the world, and announced that Rora and Asa were added, confirming the debut of BABYMONSTER as a group of seven. The members were speechless at this unexpected reversal and eventually burst into tears. The scene became a sea of tears, as they all rose from their seats to embrace each other.

BABYMONSTER expressed their sincere feelings towards their fellow members who have been and will continue to journey towards the same dream. Haram said, “I still vividly remember the

day I went to the practice room for the very first time. Both the members and I stayed strong during those times”.

Meanwhile, Rora stated, “I’m so happy that I can debut with my team members that know me better than anyone else”, and Ahyeon expressed her affection by saying, “I want to once again thank our members who made this possible.”

The girl group then expressed their gratitude towards fans, who made their dream of a seven-member debut a reality. Pharita said, “I’ll work and prepare for a great song and music video”, while Asa emphasized, “This is just the beginning so I’m going to work even harder from now”.

On the other hand, Ruka promised, “Thanks to your enormous support, I can be where I am today. I want to become a top artist and repay this love.

Finally, Chiquita brought out smiles by boldly expressing her ambition, “I have a big dream. I want to perform on the ‘Coachella’ stage.”

BABYMONSTER is a girl group announced by YG about seven years after BLACKPINK. The group members come from various countries, including Korea (Ahyeon, Haram, Rora), Thailand (Pharita, Chiquita), and Japan (Ruka, Asa). They are “all-rounders” equipped with vocals, dance, rap, and visuals, receiving the expectations of the global music market.

Even before their debut, BABYMONSTER surpassed 2 million subscribers on their YouTube channel in 129 days as K-pop trainees. Their teaser content has accumulated over 400 million views, indicating their popularity from an early stage. Billboard in the United States selected them as a “K-pop Artist to Watch”, predicting that they would create a new wave in the K-pop genre.

Source: Daum

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