“Awareness of controversy over hairstyles, makeups and outfits?”…The reason why IVE members’ recent status became a hot topic

Controversies over the hairstyles, makeups and outfits of girl group IVE are being re-examined by netizens.

On September 25th, an article titled “People are saying that IVE has had their hair and makeup shop changed”, was posted on various online communities.


Earlier, complaints from IVE fans were seen pouring out on SNS sites, such as Twitter. At that time, a fan angrily said, “I’ve been holding it for a long time since the girls’ debut. Starship and  IVE’s hair-makeup staff are negatively affecting IVE’s image”, adding “The members are receiving bad makeup and hairstyles not only on the stage but also in commercials, photoshoots and entertainment broadcasts.”


Therefore, Korean fans raised their voices demanding the agency to change IVE’s hair and makeup team by trending the hashtags #Change_IVE’s_Shop #Starship_Change_IVE’s_Shop. Some overseas fans even went to the Instagram account of the makeup shop’s director (A) and poured out malicious comments.

As the controversy intensified, A eventually hosted a live broadcast on September 15h and apologized, “I’m so sorry to IVE members”. A confessed, “I’ve never suffered such a hard time throughout my 20 years of doing this job. This is also the first time I thought I should turn on a live broadcast”.

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After the controversy, when appearing on various broadcasts recently, IVE members attracted attention as they had a neat appearance unlike controversial makeup in the past.

Netizens showed positive reactions such as “I feel relieved”, “They finally change”, “My mind and body are stabilized”, “Their features seem to be clearer”, “Pretty”…

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IVE won No.1 on 33 music shows within 10 months of debut, including 13 trophies for the debut song “ELEVEN”, 10 trophies for “LOVE DIVE” and 10 trophies for “After Like”.

Source: Nate

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