Fans ask Starship to change the stylists, hairdressing and makeup team for IVE 

Although fans have complained to the company about this issue many times, they have never received any response

Recently, the fandom of IVE decided to put the hashtags #아이브_샵_바꿔 (change shop for IVE), #스타쉽_아이브_샵_바꿔 (Starship change shop for IVE) to the top trending list. Besides, they sent mass emails to Starship Entertainment, asking the company to change the team of makeup artists and hair stylists for IVE.

IVE is well-known for its stunning visuals. The group got compliments on their makeup layout and performing outfits at the time of their debut. After roughly 8 months, however, IVE’s hairdressing team and stylists began to annoy the audience with the group’s odd outfits, makeup looks, and hairstyles. IVE often appear with thick eyebrows. The girls mainly use lipstick colors mainly only lotus pink and nude. This makeup makes the girls look quite pale when taking photos under flash. The girls’ hairstyles are also less diverse and do not enhance their visuals, as the hairdressers seem to like hairstyles such as buns, thick bangs, or middle parting.

Besides, the stylist team is also quite lazy. They often let the group wear their old outfits over and over again. Fans have worriedly sent complaints to the company many times and especially to Shim Kyung Mee’s makeup team, Yoon Seo Ha’s hairdressing team. But sadly, fans only received silence from the company and makeup artist Shim Kyung Mee.

Therefore, DIVEs took to social media to ask the company to come up with a suitable solution so that IVE could have a favorable comeback.

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