LE SSERAFIM’s stage outfit at Yonsei University festival drove everyone crazy

At the Yonsei University festival “Akaraka,” where many leading singers participated, LE SSERAFIM appeared in sensible outfits.

On Sep 24th, the representative school festival “Akaraka Onnuri” was held at Yonsei University’s Sinchon campus. The festival is held again after about three years of being suspended due to the pandemic, attracting many students.

Until the day of the event, the performer lineup was kept private, further raising expectations about “Akaraka.” Hot names such as IVE and Zico, as well as the rookie idol group News Jeans, appeared one after another, heating up the festival’s atmosphere.

le sserafim

While various performers overwhelmed the stage with their spectacular performances, LE SSERAFIM in particular drew keen attention.

Yonsei University’s stage costume made of the school’s letter jersey, T-shirt, and sweatshirt

le sserafim

LE SSERAFIM appeared in stage costumes made by reforming Yonsei University’s letter jersey T-shirts with the Yonsei University logo, and sweatshirts.

As it was the first university festival they participated in, it seems that the group paid more attention to their costumes than ever.

In addition, LE SSERAFIM dressed up top to bottom in blue, which symbolizes Yonsei University, showing their great senses, and coloring the audience with cheers.

Yonsei University students reacted enthusiastically, saying, “Their outfits are so cool.” “I can’t believe our school clothes can be that pretty.” 

At the festival, LE SSERAFIM received great cheers by performing their debut song “Fearless” and the b-side “Blue Flame”.

After the concert, LE SSERAFIM expressed their affection to Yonsei University students

le sserafim

After the performance, LE SSERAFIM said on SNS, “Our first university festival, Akaraka. It was such a fun and happy time. Yonsei University is the best.” 

“Thanks to Yonsei University, we had a really dream-like time, we love Yonsei University,” and “Yonsei University is the best,” they continuously expressed their gratitude.

le sserafim

Meanwhile, LE SSERAFIM made a splendid debut on May 2th under the title of “HYBE’s First Girl Group.”

They stood out as the representative group of the 4th generation girl groups at once, showing their unique visuals and synchronized dance.

On Sep 17th, LE SSERAFIM – The World Is My Oyster, a documentary by LE SSERAFIM, which consists of a total of four episodes, was released on HYBE label’s official YouTube channel.

The documentary contains the process of them preparing for their debut stage from the moment their debut was confirmed.

Many fans applauded and cheered for LE SSERAFIM as they have had a difficult journey to their successful debut.

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