“As thin as Jang Won-young,” A popular female idol worried fans because she’s so skinny you can see her ribs

Dieting is a must during the comeback period for idols. However, fans are worried that their favorite idols are too skinny.

Oh My Girl Arin

Recently, IVE heated up the atmosphere online after performing “After LIKE” on Mnet’s “M!Countdown.” In that performance, Jang Won-young, wearing a cropped T-shirt, drew attention after showing her slim belly and thin arms and legs.

Jang Won-young

Fans expressed their concern, saying, “I hope she stops losing weight,” after seeing Won-young’s figure that shows her ribs. Following Jang Won-young, Oh My Girl’s Arin worried fans about her skinny body this time.

ive wonyoung

Last month, Oh My Girl performed “Dun Dun Dance” as the opening performance of the 19th Juan Media and Culture Festival. Arin’s outfit, wearing a cropped white shirt and short bottoms, stood out with her slim belly line.

Oh My Girl Arin

However, her ribs and a waistline that can fit in one hand were visible every time she danced, which were enough to cause fans to worry. Some expressed their concerns, saying, “I hope she can eat a lot and perform on stage,” and “She is as skinny as Jang Won-young.”

Oh My Girl Arin

Meanwhile, Arin is also promoting as an actress along with her girl group activities. Recently, she appeared on tvN’s “Alchemy of Souls.”

Oh My Girl Arin

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