As soon as Gong Hyuk-joon’s mom heard about “premarital pregnancy”, she said this

With streamers Gong Hyuk-joon (31) and Sanbum (22) about to get married, remarks by Sanbum’s future mother-in-law are drawing attention.

Gong Hyuk-joon and Sanbum announced their marriage on April 13th. They also have children.

On April 18th, the YouTube channel “Drama Gallery” posted a video titled “Gong Hyuk-joon’s mother’s reaction to Sanbum’s premarital pregnancy”.

Gong Hyuk-jun

It is a collection of remarks that Gong Hyuk-joon‘s mother made while sharing her recent status on YouTube and Instagram after the announcement of Gong Hyuk-joon and Sanbum‘s marriage.

Gong Hyuk-jun

Gong Hyuk-joon‘s mother said that when she first heard about Sanbum’s pregnancy, she was not very fond of it. This is because she knew her son had a girlfriend, but she did not expect their marriage and pregnancy.

Gong Hyuk-jun

In particular, Gong Hyuk-joon did not reveal Sanbum’s age until he announced her pregnancy. Gong Hyuk-joon‘s mother said that the shock was even greater because of this.

Gong Hyuk-jun

Gong Hyuk-joon‘s mother exclaimed, “Isn’t that it? Isn’t it too much?” She also expressed her “sense of betrayal” because she was so shocked that Gong Hyuk-joon had a child before marriage.

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