Korean netizens listed out 3 things about BLACKPINK that can make other female idols jealous

Korean netizens have pointed out 3 reasons why any KPOP female idols would be envious of BLACKPINK.

No one can deny the fact that BLACKPINK is currently a top KPOP girl group as their popularity has spread beyond the borders of Korea. Even though every Kpop idol would have to go through a harsh journey since the trainee days to prove their names, it seems like BLACKPINK did receive more privileges and benefits than any other girl group.

Recently, a Korean netizen uploaded a post on Pann titled “I think if I were a girl group member, I would be envious of BLACKPINK….” The post raised a discussion on what would be the things that make other idols jealous of these 4 girls, Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa.

Many ideas have been discussed; however, these are the 3 things from BLACKPINK that other girl groups would definitely want to have.

High-class visuals and outstanding vibes

Netizens often compare KPOP to ‘a garden of beauties’, but the 4 members of BLACKPINK stood out the most with their extraordinary beauties. They own such high-class visuals that could overshadow any other group, which is the reason why many fancy brands want to collaborate with them.

A devoted stylist team

All idols have their own unique beauty, and in the hand of a devoted stylist team, their beauty would be brought to another level. Among the KPOP girl groups nowadays, BLACKPINK seems to own the most devoted stylists. They know how to choose and mix the costumes that suit the physiques of BLACKPINK and what styles of makeup would look good on the girls. Even though they sometimes made mistakes, BLACKPINK’s stylists were praised for being more professional than other groups’ stylists.

Don’t need to struggle to achieve fame

Debuting with a big label like YG gives BLACKPINK a considerable advantage in terms of getting attention right away. In fact, the 4 members still work hard, but they don’t have to go through the same hardships as many other female Kpop idols. Many of their co-stars struggled to promote on all of the shows, had to try to provide fan service, and had to make frequent comebacks to keep people’s attention, etc. 

In the meantime, the 4 BLACKPINK girls just need to be themselves. And, of course, the group’s popularity still increases even when they don’t have to force themselves to attend shows or to do all kinds of fan-service. The group doesn’t have too many release activities throughout the year, and compared to the common ground, their schedule is not too dense.

1. [+70, -27] More than anything else, they must be so jealous of the fact that even though BP never goes on useless variety shows to ruin themselves, do aegyo or try to appeal to others with their charms, they are still super famous

2. [+59, -3] Their coordi is really good at doing their workㅋㅋ I liked all of Jennie’s Solo outfits

3. [+53, -7] They debuted wearing luxury brands and then became global ambassadors for Chanel, Dior, Celine and Saint-Laurent. They all have over 40M followers on Instagram. They also have one-top results when it comes to female idols

4. [+24, 0] To be honest, the fact that BP became brand ambassadors is 90% thanks to their coordi

5. [+22, -3] BP’s image as a whole is honestly becoming more luxurious…

6. [+20, -3] First of all, they must be f*cking jealous of their faces

7. [+15, 0]For real, sometimes, I look at them and think that there must be a lot of coordi thinking that it must be hard for idols to wear this kind of clothes as they get older… celebrities must have their own set of troubles too…

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