As Expected of Girls’ Generation’s Center Yoona: Mastering IVE and New Jeans Dance Just by Watching 

Girls’ Generation’s Yoona revealed how she prepared for her birthday party with fans.

On May 30th, Yoona‘s YouTube channel, “Yoona’s So Wonderful Day,” released a behind-the-scenes video of her 2023 Birthday Party where she celebrated with fans.

In the released video, Yoona said, “Yesterday, the filming ended early at 2. I stayed up for two nights, so I’m very tired. I’ll finish quickly and go home.” She started learning the dance to New Jeans’ “Ditto” and IVE’s “Kitsch” and mastered the choreography one by one, showing off her qualities as the center of Girls’ Generation.

Yoona even practiced dancing with just her eyes during her break time. The dance instructor exclaimed, “Yoona has already memorized the whole (choreography).”

Yoona said excitedly, “A birthday party is for celebrating my birthday, right? It’s a day for me to come to see all the fans’ faces. I intentionally scheduled it for daytime this time. If it were in the evening, traffic would be heavy.” 

Yoona filmed videos of her practicing the dance and monitored them at home. Yoona said, “I wish I had more time. I can do it. I hope everyone likes it.” 

Yoona showed her concern ahead of the birthday party, saying, “I don’t know anything about the recent trends.” Especially regarding the “I’m sorry for being cute challenge,” Yoona questioned, “Why is this popular? Why do people do this?” and laughed.

Returning to the practice room, Yoona said, “It’s the second day of practice and also the last day,” and matched the moves with the dancers.

Finally, the day of Yoona’s birthday party arrived. Before entering, Yoona took a photo with her cake and started the birthday party, interacting with fans and enjoying good time.

Yoona said, “As always, we spent more time together than planned. I was deeply moved by the reassuring words fans gave me today. I will strive to keep their feelings of ‘I did well by liking Im Yoona’ constant and do even better,” expressing her gratitude to the fans.

Source: Nate. 

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