Artist Company mentioned Chairman Kang in “Park Min-young’s dating rumor”: “We don’t even know him”

On Sep 28th, Dispatch reported that actress Park Min-young and Chairman Kang Jong-hyun, known as “a hidden rich man,” are dating, and that Chairman Kang Jong-hyun is the real owners of Vidente, Bucket Studio, Inbiogen, and Bithumb Korea. Since then, many articles have spread through stock news communities that Artist Company is related to Vidente and Bucket Studio, while an economic media source reported that Lee Jung-jae and Jung Woo-sung, co-director of Artist Company, invested billions of won in Vidente, which was suspended from trading.

Lee Jung Jae

“When Kim Jae-wook was the CEO of Phantom Entertainment, the actors recruited Kim Jae-wook as the CEO of the Artist Company, and Kim Jae-wook served as the CEO of the Artist Company from 2016 to 2018. At the recommendation of Kim Jae-wook, who was the CEO at the time, in October 2017, the actors were introduced to a company called Vidente, which produces monitor equipment that they always encounter at the filming site, and they were not aware of the fact that the above company was involved in the blockchain business, and the entire investment was taken back around 2018,” it explained.

Artist Company

Artist Company then said, “Kim Jae-wook unilaterally notified the headquarters and actors of the company after acquiring the Artist Company Studio (a company that has nothing to do with the headquarters, and we know that Kim Jae-wook arbitrarily did as above. Later changing its trade name into ‘Bucket Studio’) without any discussion with the headquarters or actors, and sold 15% of Kim Jae-wook’s shares in the Artist Company to the above studio, which was not related to the artist’s name at all. As a result, Kim Jae-wook left Artist Company, and Kim Jae-wook later changed the name of Artist Company Studio to Bucket Studio, which reveals that the above company only held a stake in the headquarters and had no exchanges other than holding a stake in the headquarters,” completely denying the connection between Artist Company, Vidente, and Bucket Studio.  

Park Min-young

Artist Company also explained that its actors learned through the media that Chairman Kang Jong-hyun was the real owner of Vidente and Bucket Studio, and that they had no contact or knew who he was.

Artist Company expressed regret that Artist Company is mentioned together with Bucket Studio, and reiterated, “We would like to inform you that Artist Company has nothing to do with Vidente, Bucket Studio, Kim Jae-wook, and Mr. Kang.”

Source: Dispatch

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